ESEC And Its Partnership For Sustainable Development With Strategic Customer NS Bluescope


ESEC is a pioneer in technology solutions serving sustainable development the Vietnamese industrial market. For us, each customer is a story and each customer is also a premise for us to build trust and long-term cooperation. Because the ultimate goal ESEC wants is not just commercial values, but building a sustainable partnership.

NS Bluescope is a leading provider of steel products and solutions, with a particular focus on the global building and construction industry. Previously, maintenance and repair of NS Bluescope’s inverter equipment, motors, and genuine spare parts had to be performed by foreign experts. This causes many difficulties for the factory, such as high repair costs, a lot of time, as well as affecting the production and operation process of the factory. That forces NS Bluescope to look for domestic units capable of implementing these items.

Therefore, NS Bluescope and ESEC have had the opportunity to cooperate since 2014. ESEC is a domestic Enterprise, with a team of engineers and capacity to meet NS Bluescope’s requirements. Initially, ESEC deployed simple technical services such as repair and replacement of spare parts. After the process of testing, evaluating capacity, and learning about the company team, NS Bluescope began to cooperate with ESEC with projects on repairing, replacing, and upgrading automation lines, next are projects on electrical systems and energy management. The difficulty of each project is increasingly increasing along with the strict requirements of the factory, however, ESEC completes all projects and meets Bluescope’s requirements.

In the future, NS Bluescope will develop into a smart factory, with advanced production lines and operating systems. However, Bluescope will still meet ESG standards, accompanying the government’s sustainable development goals.

Therefore, Contractors and Enterprises cooperating with NS Bluescope must also meet the above requirements. ESEC is a pioneer in providing comprehensive technology solutions to serve sustainable development, so we believe that in the future NS Bluescope and ESEC can continue to develop more sustainable cooperation with projects on electrical infrastructure, energy platforms, automation and digitalization.


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