ESEC Provides Active Harmonic Filter Solution


For current production activities, high harmonics are a problem that almost all factories encounter during operation. It damages high-tech electrical equipment and disrupts production processes.

The hot development of grid-connected renewable energy projects as well as the massive growth of semiconductor devices have been making the impact of harmonics on the power system increasingly serious.

Harmful effects of Harmonics on the system:

High-order harmonics cause huge economic losses because today harmonics are not only found in factories but also the telecommunications industry, airport infrastructure, and data centers… all encounter harmonics. It directly affects the quality of the power source, causing the main production line to fail or stop production:

  • Harmonics cause the cable to overheat, damaging the insulation.
  • Reduces engine life, causes engine overheating, and makes a loud noise when operating.
  • CB overload, overheating, and causing transformer explosion (while the amount of electricity used is still less than the norm).
  • Circuit breakers, circuit breakers, and fuses can be affected for unknown reasons.
  • Harmonics cause serious harm to capacitor banks by damaging the dielectric, bulging capacitors, reducing capacitor life, and even causing abnormal capacitor explosions.
  • Causes interference affecting telecommunications equipment, automation systems such as PLC, Role,…
  • Measuring devices are not working correctly.
  • Waste of energy…

Active harmonic filterg solution provided by ESEC:

ESEC is a Master EcoXpert certified partner of Schneider Electric in the Power Management segment, so we are proud to be a pioneer in bringing comprehensive energy platform solutions to the industrial market.

Esec Provides Active Harmonic Filter Solution

To overcome problems caused by Harmonics, ESEC offers customers an active harmonic filter solution with Schneider Electric AccuSine+. In addition to measures to eliminate harmonics, the solution also helps customers know the health status of equipment in the system through monthly reports thanks to the EcoStruxure PME platform. Thereby helping customers come up with maintenance plans appropriate to the system status, minimizing operational risks.

Benefits of the ESEC Active Wave Filtering solution provide:

  • Customers’ power quality will comply with IEEE 519 and TCVN standards (Regular 39 & 30 – Vietnam MOIT)
  • Improve power reliability and productivity (power management).
  • Reducing peak current helps free up system capacity.
  • Limit current distortion.
  • Cancels the effects of harmonics.
  • Avoid equipment damage or reduced lifespan (asset management).
  • Reducing harmonics reduces excessive heat production.
  • Prevent errors that can lead to downtime.
  • Improve equipment service time.
  • Improve financial performance (cost management).
  • Reduce power factor penalty.
  • One of the factors contributing to the factory’s energy-saving program.

With the direct effects and damage that harmonics cause to the production and use of electricity, filtering harmonics and improving power quality is what factories and commercial enterprises are aiming for. In Vietnam today, many customers are using this solution provided by ESEC, with quite high reliability and brings great efficiency to factory operations.

Typical projects on harmonic filtering implemented by ESEC:

ESEC is proud to have successfully implemented many typical projects on harmonic filtering and power quality management to bring an efficient, safe, and reliable power system to customers.

Customers interested in the solution please contact ESEC for further advice!

ESEC Provides Active Harmonic Filter Solution
ESEC Provides Active Harmonic Filter Solution


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