ESEC – Energy management system integrator, power quality analysis and provider of Microgird energy storage solutions


Wasting energy in the system is an important problem that many businesses have been facing. This waste causes many negative impacts on businesses such as: increased production costs, reduced operational efficiency and also has a negative impact on the environment. While the trend of sustainable development is a goal for many businesses, saving and managing energy effectively is extremely necessary, understanding that we have brought comprehensive solutions to the environment energy platform for customers.

East Sea Energy Environment Co., Ltd. – Energy management system integrator, power quality analysis and provider of Mcirogird energy storage solutions.
General solutions we provide:
  • PME (Power Monitoring Expert) Energy Management and Power Quality Analysis solution with software and hardware systems that have achieved ISO 50001 quality certification. Helps factories proactively monitor and analyze optimal optimization, energy saving and power quality, applications in the fields of Industry, Construction, Data Centers, Healthcare, Aviation…
  • Power system monitoring and control solution PSE (Power SCADA Expert) helps control automatic operation and remote control, applied to 110KV, 22KV stations, Airports, Metro…
  • Power quality measurement and analysis services: AHF harmonics, Transients, Flickers, Short / Short, Intermittent, Over voltage, Under voltage…
  • Microgrid solution and Bess storage energy system is a comprehensive solution, integrating advanced technologies such as solar energy, battery storage, load management and intelligent control system.

Proud to be a company with many years of experience designing and providing technology solutions for the energy and environment industry, ESEC has successfully implemented many Energy Management and Power Quality Improvement projects. many customers in industrial fields.

ESEC’s energy platform solutions effectively serve the fields of: Semiconductor technology, Infrastructure, Automobile manufacturing, Food and beverage production, Chemicals, Iron and steel production, Aluminum, MDF, garment, Buildings – Hotels, Airports, Supermarkets…

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