ESEC completes PrePOT inverter upgrade project for NS BlueScope Vietnam (Phu My Factory)


NS BlueScope is part of BlueScope Steel Limited, one of the world’s leading steel solutions providers, with more than 100 manufacturing facilities in 17 countries worldwide. NS BlueScope serves the construction, manufacturing and home appliance industries with innovative coated steel products and high quality paints throughout Southeast Asia and North America.

ESEC is proud to be the partner providing solutions and technical services in the transmission segment for NS BlueScope Vietnam over the years and receives satisfaction and trust from customers.

Recently, ESEC completed the project of Upgade Master Drive for MCL Pre-pot Section for NS BlueScope Vietnam – Phu My Factory in Ba Ria – Vung Tau. With this project, ESEC upgraded the MCL plating line inverter from Simovert Master Drive to the new Sinamics S120 inverter series; provide a complete set of cabinets, transformers and integration with existing systems. In addition, ESEC also makes a list of system backup supplies for customers.

Like products made from other electromagnetic components, Simovert Master Dirve will encounter problems and malfunctions after a certain period of use. Commonly encountered errors are: capacity fire, voltage error, uncontrollable, inverter not running, output – input error, capacitor explosion… Therefore, ESEC has upgraded from Simovert Master Dirve to the Siemens Sinamics S120 inverter series for BlueScope Vietnam.

The Simens Sinamics S120 inverter is a modular controller with high operability and flexible control application, designed to meet complex applications requiring high accuracy. Sinamics S210 is the perfect solution for automatic transmission systems. In addition, Sinamics S210 integrates all safety functions, auto-configuration and optimal auto-control, easily connecting to higher-level control devices.

SINAMICS S120 is used in many control applications such as:

  • Packaging machines, plastics, printers
  • Textile, woodworking, ceramics and glass
  • Machine tools
  • Steel manufacturing industry
  • Lifting system and crane…

With a team of experienced technicians and the advantages of the S120 inverter series, ESEC completed this project for BlueScope on schedule and met the requirements from customers:

  • Successfully integrated the Simens Sinamics S120 inverter system and the existing system.
  • Ensure stable operating performance as well as meet spare part requirements.
  • Ensure system runs stably & meets factory tension requirements.


As a Solution Partner of Siemens, ESEC is committed to providing customers with optimal products and technical solutions for the transmission part. This is also one of ESEC’s strong business areas with successful projects for industrial customers across the country.


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