ESEC Organizes A Training Course For Everstar Engineering Customers In Cambodia


Recently, ESEC had the opportunity to visit EVERSTAR ENGINEERING company in Cambodia and conduct a training program on PME and PQ Energy Management Systems for EVERSTAR ENGINEERING engineers.

EVERSTAR ENGINEERING is a contractor specializing in M&E in Cambodia. In only 2 days of training, ESEC have introduced the outstanding features, usage of the power quality and power management system (PME & PQ)  to customers. These solutions will help customers to manage energy remotely, export periodic automatic reports, diagnose the health of the power system. Moreover, the system also helps customers to assess the energy usage,  offering efficient and economical methods to use energy.

Besides the training on PME, customers were also introduced to a power quality management solution (Power Quality). Within the framework of the training program, ESEC introduced customers to common errors encountered when operating current power systems, thereby offering Active Harmonic Filter solutions to help dealing with harmonics and SAG Fighters to help manage power quality…

The training program between ESEC & EVERSTAR took place successfully with the enthusiastic participation of the parties, and a lot of information and knowledge was imparted, opening up opportunities for future cooperation.

East Sea Environmental Energy Company (ESEC) is one of the pioneers in Vietnam in providing solutions and technical services related to power supply, energy management, and automatic control systems, transmission and digitization for plant operations. ESEC has successfully implemented large projects for key customers of the Vietnamese industry. In addition, ESEC also brings its solutions to countries inside and outside the region to share the goal of sustainable development and reduce global carbon emissions.


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