ESEC becomes Schneider Electric’s first Master-level Critical Power EcoXpert Partners in Vietnam


East Sea Environment Energy Company (ESEC) is one of the pioneers in Vietnam in providing solutions and technical services related to power supply, energy management, and automatic control systems. , transmission and digitization for plant operations.

Over the course of our establishment and development, we are fortunate to cooperate and accompany large customers and corporations in many fields of the Vietnamese industry. With the completion of these projects, we have accumulated a lot of experience and gained trust and satisfaction from customers.

To achieve such achievements, we cannot help but mention our major partners, the leading global technology brands who have accompanied us in the early days of our establishment. One of the strategic partners of ESEC is Schneider Electric Vietnam.


ESEC – Schneider Electric Vietnam

With a wealth of experience and continuous development, Schneider Electric’s solutions and products have increasingly affirmed their leading position in the industrial field. Referring to Shneider Electric, it is definitely necessary to mention energy solutions, with the outstanding development of these solution groups, Schneider Electric always has very attractive cooperation programs and maximum support for its partners. .

The Critical Power EcoXpert Partners program offers a unique partnership between Schneider Electric and partners with some of the highest competencies in the industry creating a world-class ecosystem of expertise, allowing partners to of Schneider Electric combine their own experience and expertise with the EcoStruxure architecture and platform to together deliver the best energy and automation digital solutions that deliver efficiency and sustainability to client.

The Master-level EcoXpert in Vietnam

ESEC has become a partner of Schneider Electric Vietnam in the Critical Power EcoXpert Partners program since its inception, in order to commit to bringing to the market a comprehensive platform serving the Energy Infrastructure – Power System for the plant and Industrial Infrastructure. With constant efforts, with a team of enthusiastic and experienced engineers, and support from Schneider Electric, ESEC has brought the best solutions to its customers over the years and achieved great results. outstanding achievements

Thanks to successful projects, increasing trust from customers, as well as many activities that we bring to the community, such as programs to bring energy solutions to universities. From the end of 2021, ESEC has officially become Master-level Critical Power EcoXpert Partners. This is the highest level of excellence that Schneider Electric offers to partners with outstanding achievements in this EcoXpert Partners program and ESEC is honored to become the first Shneider Electric partner to receive the Master-level EcoXpert in Vietnam.

Stepping up to a higher position means that we will receive more support and cooperation commitments from Schneider, based on which ESEC will have more advantages to develop its energy solution platforms. the best way to provide to customers. And with this Master-level EcoXpert certification, ESEC has gained more and more trust from customers, thereby giving us more opportunities to serve and serve the sustainable development of the energy industry in Vietnam. Vietnam.


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