ESEC And Solar Projects With Customers Ns Bluescope Vietnam


In the context of the Government encouraging the development of solar energy projects in Vietnam, NS Bluescope Vietnam factory is one of the large factories actively implementing related projects to improve production efficiency, as well as solving the problem of energy management is becoming increasingly urgent.

Following the success of the 25kw Solar project and the energy management monitoring system implemented by ESEC in 2017 at NS Bluescope, in 2020 the factory will continue to invest to deploy the Solar project. with a capacity of 100kw to improve production efficiency and optimize energy saving even more.

25kw solar project ESEC successfully deployed at NS Bluescope in 2017

With this project, ESEC has conducted from consulting, design, installation, testing and operating instructions to customers.

This is a project to install 100kw rooftop solar panels on the garage of NS Bluescope factory. After the actual survey from the ESEC engineering team, the design with 273 solar panels on the roof of the factory was completed, each with a capacity of 345wp. With this design, it meets the aesthetics, safety as well as perfectly matches the energy use needs that customers have given.

Actual pictures after completing the project

The project uses TS6110 rafter, class 3 fastener screws _ anti-corrosion AS 3566 (TS6110 rafter is made from Bluescope Zacs(R) AZ70 truss rod)

This solar system is integrated and monitored via Schneider Electric’s PME energy management software, which ESEC has completed previously. In addition, these panels are also integrated with automatic cleaning robots according to the set time and completely remote monitoring, easy to implement.

Robot automatically cleans solar panels

With the implementation and operation of this solar energy project, this solar energy project will greatly improve the problem of energy saving and improve production efficiency for NS Bluescope factory. This is also a very good suggestion for other factories to apply in their operation to achieve optimal efficiency.


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