SINAMICS DCM 6RA8000 series inverter upgrade project for SOUTH STEEL customers


Over 40 years of establishment and development, Southern Steel is one of the leading units in the steel production industry with a market share of 10% of the national market share and 27% of the Southern market’s market share. with a total capacity of up to 1 million tons/year.

Southern Steel believes that building a brand name must be based on many foundations, of which the core factor is still product quality. With Southern Steel, product quality is a matter of survival, it is always an immutable commitment. Therefore, Southern Steel always focuses on investing in people, technical technology and modern equipment to create new products of the best quality in order to affirm the brand value in the market and in the hearts of people. consumption.

Over a long period of operation, some machinery and equipment of Southern Steel have deteriorated and need to be upgraded to serve the production needs of the factory. Previously, some steel rolling lines of the Southern Steel factory were invested and installed with Siemens Simoreg inverter controllers of CM 6RA7000 series with the outstanding advantages of stable operation and high reliability. However, now this product line has been discontinued by Siemens and converted to a new line of inverter controller SINAMICS DCM 6RA8000.

Facing the situation that the Siemens Simoreg inverter controller CM 6RA7000 series is no longer produced in the market and replaced by a new inverter line, East Sea Environmental Energy Company (ESEC) – Siemens Solution Partner in Vietnam, has cooperate with Siemens Vietnam Service team to conduct surveys and discuss with the Southern Steel factory engineers to come up with the most optimal solutions for customers in converting the inverter control part of the line. rolling – rolling rack “Stand#15”.

The solution that ESEC brings to Southern Steel customers after agreeing on the implementation plan is “Upgrading the Siemens Simoreg CM 6RA7000 inverter controller which is being used at the factory to a new series which is the SINAMICS inverter controller. DCM 6RA8000”.

Challenges in this project that ESEC faced:

  • Very competitive environment in terms of price and quality, in addition, there are many competitors who have close relationships with customers.
  • The completion schedule of the project must be in accordance with the stopping time of the line because if it is delayed, it will cause great damage to the factory.
  • Customers require to have experts of the company directly implement

How ESEC conquers customers:

  • We understand the urgent and necessary needs of converting and upgrading to the factory’s new inverter line
  • In addition to ESEC’s experienced engineers, we also take advantage of our technical strengths and expert support from Siemens.
  • Approach and work with the technical department, the material department and the commercial department to jointly come up with a plan to support synchronous processing to meet the requirements of the project’s progress

Value that the project brings to customers after completing the project:

  • Keeping up with the trend of changing Siemens product lines, giving customers the best experience, as well as the best results in the process of operating customers’ products.
  • Bringing customers satisfaction and high reliability when the project is completed on schedule, at an appropriate cost and with a full range of warranty and support services for the factory.

The successful completion of the project and exactly meeting the strict requirements has brought ESEC trust and satisfaction from Southern Steel customers. This not only brings a lot of experience to ESEC’s engineering team in particular, but also helps us get more typical projects in Vietnam’s steel industry in general. Hopefully, these advantages will open up many opportunities for ESEC to cooperate with other customers in the steel field, one of the key areas of the domestic industry.


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