Project “Upgrading DCS Eurotherm system” for customers of Ha Tien Cement 1


Ha Tien 1 Cement Joint Stock Company (XMHT 1) is the main unit of Vietnam Cement Corporation in the Southern region. Ha Tien 1 Cement is currently leading in terms of cement consumption in Region IV with 39% and accounts for about 8% of the national cement market share. The company’s distribution system is mainly concentrated in the region IV market with a wide and diverse distribution system with the ability to provide products to consumers in the most convenient way.

Ha Tien 1 Cement Factory has been put into operation since 2012 so there are some limitations in operation:

  • The DCS software on the server computer is running on the 32-bit Windows XP Operating System and Microsoft no longer provides technical support for Windows XP since 2014
  • The DCS server system is often overloaded and crashes because the computer uses 32-bit Windows operating system, so RAM is limited to 4GHz.
  • Outdated computer hardware and unstable 24/7 continuous operation due to no industry standard

With existing limitations, ESEC was trusted by Ha Tien 1 Cement and given the responsibility to implement the project “Upgrading the DCS Eurotherm system” to solve the above problems. However, XMHT 1 also provides strict criteria that ESEC engineers must ensure to comply to bring the best results to customers:

  • Time to complete the upgrade of the entire system within 4 days to coincide with the factory’s annual overhaul maintenance stop
  • Survey all connections of the system to make the optimal plan to avoid omissions
  • It is imperative to have a backup solution when the upgrade fails to return the old system for production operation
  • Ask genuine experts to guide system handover

We, East Sea Environmental Energy Company (ESEC) as the official distributor (Authorized Distributor) of Eurotherm in Vietnam, ESEC has provided the solution “Upgrading the Eurotherm DCS system” to bring a DCS server industrial computer system operates stably and optimally for Ha Tien 1 Cement Factory.

Outstanding solution that ESEC has deployed for Ha Tien Cement 1:

  • Upgrade Operating System Windows XP3 32 bits to Windows Server 64 bits
  • Upgrade your DCS server computer to the industry standard with reliable configuration that works 24/7
  • Upgrade DCS to the latest version that works on Windows server
  • Upgrade 10 Client stations to the new version

With the rich experience of ESEC engineers, we completed the project not only in accordance with the criteria set by the customer, but also with outstanding results:

  • Complete system upgrade within 4 days of annual plant maintenance and run stable monitoring for 30 days after plant commissioning
  • The system operates stably, the computer processing speed is utilized to the maximum
  • Two industrial computers DCS server work stably

Almost all DCS upgrade process takes a long time, but with ESEC’s capacity and experience, we have ensured the project is finished on schedule, meeting all the criteria set by Ha Tien Cement 1 sets out and brings the best quality to its customers.

Science and technology are constantly being developed and improved, therefore, businesses and factories always want to update advanced technologies, upgrade their systems to keep up with trends and especially rather than improving business performance. ESEC has a comprehensive technology foundation in Electrical Infrastructure – Energy System – Digitization – Automation along with implementation capacity and extensive experience proven through typical projects. We hope to receive more and more trust from businesses and factories and give us the opportunity to cooperate and accompany customers in the development journey ahead.


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