ESEC implements the project of providing ABB equipment and ABB series of medium and low voltage inverters for customers of Hoa Phat Group


Hoa Phat is a leading industrial production group in Vietnam, operating in 05 fields: Iron and steel (construction steel, hot rolled steel coil) – Steel products (including steel pipes, galvanized steel, wire drawn steel, etc.) prestressed steel) – Agriculture – Real estate – Household electrical appliances. Steel production is the core business, accounting for 90% of the Group’s revenue and profit. With a capacity of 8 million tons of crude steel per year, Hoa Phat is the largest steel producer in Southeast Asia.

Having had the opportunity to cooperate with Hoa Phat in 2019, Bien Dong Environmental Energy Company (ESEC) deployed the first project for Hoa Phat Steel Co., Ltd in Hung Yen. Ton Hoa Phat specializes in manufacturing stainless steel coil products / Cold rolled (full hard) / Galvanized / Zinc aluminum alloy / Color coated. With this project, we have provided customers with ABB’s most advanced measuring, analysis and series of medium and low voltage inverters, along with providing operation and service training programs. Maintenance service to serve the most necessary needs of customers.

As an industrial production group holding the number 1 market share in Vietnam in the steel industry, in order to achieve optimal efficiency in production operations, Hoa Phat always continuously invests in modern equipment and has high requirements. very strict for partners. Therefore, as the official distributor (Authorized Distributor) of ABB in Vietnam with rich experience in implementing many projects for large customers, especially customers in the steel industry; ESEC is trusted and chosen by Hoa Phat Group as the unit to implement projects on supplying measuring and analytical equipment, medium and low voltage inverters of ABB, and organize training and operation programs. over the years. This is one of ABB’s key product groups with outstanding features and a diverse product portfolio, along with a guarantee of continuous service and support on a global scale, committed to meeting all requirements. long-term asset maintenance needs of the plant with outstanding advantages such as: Quick response, life flow management, performance improvement and other value-added services…

Following the success of the project with Ton Hoa Phat, with the trust from the Group, we continue to deploy with Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Joint Stock Company – a strategic production unit of Hoa Phat Group…

From 2020 to now, ESEC has continuously implemented projects to supply measuring and analytical equipment and ABB’s medium and low voltage inverters to Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel customers. In addition to providing equipment, we also provide customers with operation and maintenance training services. In November, ESEC successfully organized a large-scale training program, taking place from November 9-11, 2021 with the participation of more than 50 electrical and automation engineers of Hoa Phat Dung Quat. . Due to the complicated situation of the epidemic in the country, this program was held online, but that still did not reduce the exciting atmosphere of the course. The program is taught by a team of experts from ABB and a team of experienced ESEC engineers.

The training program is rigorously designed with highly applicable content, going from theory to practical application. During 03 days of training, Hoa Phat Dung Quoc’s engineers were introduced to ABB’s Instrument and Analyzer product lines; instructions for device configuration using ABB FIM software; instructions for operation and maintenance of flow meters; introduce the level measuring device of the principle of pressure measurement, level measurement; introduction to GC equipment, continuous gas analyzers… The program content is designed to help engineers understand general information, operating principles and installation methods as well as understand how to maintain, resovle problem. In addition, they also shared experience in maintenance, preparation of backup materials from a training team with many years of experience, especially in the steel industry. The program ended successfully with the satisfaction of the engineers because the training course not only brought useful knowledge to make the operation of equipment easier, but also helped Hoa Phat Dung Quat make the most of Maximize equipment investment.

Hoa Phat Group’s enthusiastic reception for ESEC during the past years is a great honor for ESEC, although we know that in the process of our organization and implementation, shortcomings cannot be avoided. However, thanks to these shortcomings, ESEC is increasingly improving itself, and increasingly brings the best values to Hoa Phat in particular and all its customers.

The success of these programs is also due to the maximum support from ABB for ESEC. It is a great pride of ESEC to be able to both cooperate and serve major customers and as a partner of leading global technology corporations and brands. Because of that, the products and solutions that we bring to our customers are always optimal and suitable for each customer in different fields.


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