ESEC and Siemens carry out System Automation Training Project for Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel customers


ESEC is one of the leading providers of technical services and solutions for customers during plant system operation. During the years of development, we are fortunate to work with many large customers in many fields, each of which brings us valuable lessons, giving us the opportunity to hone real experience. experience of the team of ESEC engineers, and thereby giving us more and more flexibility to adapt and improve ourselves, providing the best customer service and the most optimal solutions, tailored to each of our customers. me.

One of the big clients that ESEC has had the opportunity to cooperate with over the years is Hoa Phat Group. This is an honor for us because we have been trusted by customers and chosen to provide products and services for Hoa Phat for many years, from factories in the North – Ton Hoa Phat (Hung Yen) to Hoa Phat Dung Quat (Quang Ngai), is one of the Group’s large factories in the Central region. As for Hoa Phat Dung Quat, once again ESEC is extremely proud of having accompanied customers for a long time, jointly implementing many large projects with diverse products and services.

With the goal of being in the Top 50 largest global steel manufacturers and multi-industry corporations, Hoa Phat continuously invests strongly in production infrastructure, science and technology and modern technology. Belonging to Hoa Phat Group, Hoa Phat Dung Quat (HPDQ) is also invested in a modern production line system, equipment installed for the factory is carefully selected from the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure quality. and after-sales logistics.

Understanding those strict requirements of customers, over the years, ESEC has always brought HPDQ the most advanced products from leading global technology brands such as ABB, Siemens, along with services. We take great care in logistics and operations training to ensure that our customers get the best value.

One of the typical projects that ESEC has implemented with HPDQ is a series of projects in cooperation with ABB to provide products in the product group of ABB measurement and analysis equipment, ABB medium and low voltage inverters and ABB inverters. cooperate with Siemens to provide products and solutions for system automation. In parallel with providing products and equipment, ESEC also cooperates with ABB and Siemens to provide HPDQ with intensive training courses, operating instructions, handling situations and problems in the factory, to help HPDQ. Customers have complete peace of mind while using the product.

The project in conjunction with ABB to provide products, equipment and operator training was carried out in 2019 for Ton Hoa Phat and HPDQ, bringing many outstanding results. Following this success, the joint project with Siemens was held at HPDQ from November 2020 to April 2021 with 07 training courses held, reasonably divided according to the required factory progress, focusing on the following main contents:

Simatic NET Industrial Communication Network – Industrial Communication Network Simatic NET: This course is aimed at Programmers and engineers who design, operate and maintain S7 Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET, PROFIBUS networks. To ease the transfer of knowledge, the course adopts a practical ‘hands-on’ approach to reinforce the theoretical aspects of the training. The main content revolves around SIMATIC Network – Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET technology, the content goes from overview, installation, project planning & configuration to troubleshooting, fault detection & diagnosis.

TIA Portal Programming 1 Course (TIA-PRO1) – Training Programmer TIA Portal 1 (TIA-PRO1): A fully integrated automation portal (TIA Portal) establishes an integrated engineering working environment using SIMATIC STEP 7 and SIMATIC WinCC. In the first part of the SIMATIC TIA Portal programming training course, the content guides students to handle the TIA Portal and conveys basic knowledge about the structure of the SIMATIC S7 automation system, configuration and parameterization. hardware as well as basic knowledge of standard PLC programming. In addition, an overview of HMI, PROFINET IO and connected drives is also shared with students.

In addition, students can deepen their theoretical knowledge with many practical exercises on the TIA system model including SIMATIC S7 automation system, ET200 Distributed I/O, Touch Panel, drive and belt model.

PLC S7-400H: This course builds skills to maintain, service, and operate the Siemens S7-400H standby system. The course goes from the basics: Introduction to redundant automation system concepts, purposes and typical system architectures to skills in hardware components, project management SIMATIC fallback and application of specific hardware tools.

SINAMICS S120 Service and Commissioning – SINAMICS S120 Inverter Service and Commissioning: This training course covers the basics of the SINAMICS S120 drive system. Technical knowledge for booting, parameterization, maintenance, drive optimization and troubleshooting, and communication basics of PROFIBUS. Practical exercises will be performed on Case Training SINAMICS S120 to help trainees consolidate their knowledge and easily deploy automation solutions with SINAMICS S120. Not only listening to lectures at the training session, but also developing practical job-related skills through the STARTER PC tool.

Perfect Harmony GH180: This training provides the basics of the PERFECT HARMONY GH180 powertrain including the technical knowledge for starting, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

The trainers of these training programs come from SITRAIN Center, a training center of Siemens with a team of lecturers and experts with full professional and company certifications, Experienced in working in factories, teaching at universities, colleges…

With the training courses for HPDQ this time, Siemens provides guidance on equipment, inverters, PLCs & controls. ESEC is in charge of guidance on the automation section.

Although the duration of the training program lasts more than 6 months and the amount of knowledge brought to each course is quite rich and in-depth, thanks to the outstanding features of the solutions and products, the participants are very excitement, which further boosts the morale of the instructors. Training courses are organized with a model that conveys theory but also focuses on practice, so trainees quickly become familiar with the operation and manipulation of each product.

At the end of 07 training programs, in addition to receiving certificates from Siemens, HPDQ engineers and technicians participating in these courses will gain knowledge about programming and research with new equipment and technologies. Siemens best. Help them save time and resources, optimize the program. In addition, the course materials are designed according to the Siemens curriculum and are practical, which should help students update their knowledge and the latest technologies. Those factors give trainees full knowledge and confidence when operating and diagnosing system failures, bringing the highest efficiency in the customer’s factory operation institute.

Hoa Phat Dung Quat’s reception for ESEC over the years has been a great honor, although we know that in the implementation process, shortcomings cannot be avoided. However, ESEC always looks at its shortcomings to change and improve for the following projects, in order to bring the best value to customers. This project closes, and opens up further cooperation opportunities with Hoa Phat, it is also thanks to these projects that the ESEC team is added more experience, knowledge, updated products. products, the most advanced technology. That helps ESEC become more and more confident and steady in the way of serving customers ahead.


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