Active Harmonic Filter project for Outspan Vietnam Coffee customers


Coffee Outspan Vietnam Co., Ltd (CAFÉ OUTSPAN) is a member of Olam International Group – an enterprise specializing in supplying agricultural and food products to 70 countries worldwide. The central and southern regions of Vietnam alone have more than 10 large agricultural product processing factories.

In the production operation of CAFÉ OUTSPAN as well as of any factory, harmonics are also a major problem in terms of power quality. Harmonics increase plant operating costs by causing downtime, creating an undue burden on power infrastructure. With the development of new technology and equipment, Harmonic is an increasingly common problem. In the power system at the CAFÉ OUTSPAN plant, there were also some challenges related to Harmonics. Harmonic currents generated by the motion control system and high VSD lead to high harmonic currents and voltage distortion causing several problems:

  • Neutral overload due to 3 . harmonic current.
  • MCCB trip, cable overheat, PLC faulty.
  • Reduce the harmonic level to the safe area as recommended by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam in Circular 39, 30 & IEEE standards <5% TDD.

In this “Active Harmonic Filter” project, other suppliers installed the motor speed controller platform (Variable Speed Drives) at the customer’s factory. However, we have conquered CAFÉ OUTSPAN in this project by a team of experienced engineers and ESEC’s implementation capacity from measuring, testing and analyzing power quality (PQ). ) to the introduction of AHF PCS + technical proposal and installations with high reliability.

As an integrator of the Eco-Expert (Energy Management System) energy management system and the Power Quality Analysis of Schneider Electric Vietnam, ESEC has come up with optimal solutions to overcome these problems. Harmonic recovery in the power system of CAFÉ OUTSPAN factory:

  • Power quality assessment service performed by ESEC’s engineering team
  • 05 AccuSine PCS+ devices for MSB 3,4,5,6
  • Energy monitoring system (Power Monitoring Expert) combined with 05 ION9000 . meters

The project “Active Harmonic Filtering” not only brings a positive image to CAFÉ OUTSPAN when the power quality (Harmonics) will strictly comply with IEEE 519 and TCVN (Circular 39 & 30 – Ministry of Industry and Trade). Vietnam) but also brings many other outstanding economic values:

– Improved power reliability and productivity (energy management)

  • Reduce peak current to free up system capacity
  • Limit current distortion
  • Removes the effects of Harmonics

– Avoid equipment damage or shorten equipment life (asset management)

  • Reduces excessive heat generation by reducing Harmonics
  • Prevents errors that can lead to downtime
  • Improve (increase) device usage time

– Improve financial performance (cost management)

  • Reduce energy-related penalties
  • Contributing to saving the power consumption of the plant

With the experience and efforts of the ESEC engineering team, the project was successfully completed and solved the problem of Harmonics, contributing to minimizing wasted electrical energy from production and business activities. with the government’s energy reduction goals. ESEC hopes that more and more businesses will apply modern and advanced technology solutions to achieve their own energy goals as well as those set by the government. With what has been achieved, ESEC hopes to gain more and more trust from businesses, factories… and give us opportunities to cooperate in large and small projects, so that we I can use my strengths to bring the best value to customers.


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