ESEC deploys “Active Harmonic Filter Solution” for customers at Noi Bai International Airport


Noi Bai International Airport (NIA) is a member unit of Vietnam Airports Corporation. With a favorable geographical position, NIA is not only a civil airport but also combined with military flight operations. It is this important mission that Noi Bai International Airport is always invested to modernize and develop stronger with the service capacity of NIA up to millions of passengers per year.

High harmonics is a problem that most factories and businesses encounter during production activities. This problem also occurs at Noi Bai International Airport when the motion control system and high frequency inverter create high harmonics and distort the voltage leading to:

  • Neutral overload due to 3 harmonics
  • MCCB trip, cable overheat

Busbar overheating (more than 70°C)

  • Poor power quality caused by LED lights and PC
  • Reduce harmonic level to a safe level as recommended by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam in Circular 39, 30 & IEEE 519 standard <5% TDD.

As a large international airport, NIA always considers and carefully considers solutions and deployment capabilities of suppliers. In addition to ESEC, other suppliers in this project have installed the inverter system in the customer’s factory. However, with a team of experienced engineers who have successfully implemented many similar projects and by the optimal policies that ESEC offers, we have conquered customers in the project of providing “Filter solution Active Harmonic Filter Solution”.

  • Power quality rating (Power Quality)
  • Power Monitoring Expert
  • Install 6 AccuSine PCS+ devices for MSB 1,2,3
  • Install 3 ION8650 . clocks

The project “Active Harmonic Filter Solution” was successfully ended by the dedicated implementation of ESEC engineers. After the successful completion of the project, the parameters were significantly reduced, THDv decreased from 11.7% to 5.6% and THDi decreased from 27.4% to 5%. Harmonics have been reduced to a safe level in compliance with IEEE 519 and Vietnam Standards (Circulars 39 & 30 – Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade) and bring many outstanding values ​​to NIA:

Reducing harmonics to the safe zone has brought many outstanding values ​​to NIA:

Improved power reliability and productivity (energy management)

  • Reducing peak current frees up system capacity
  • Limit current distortion
  • Eliminates the effects of harmonics

Avoid equipment damage or shorten equipment life (asset management)

  • Reduces excessive heat generation by reducing harmonics
  • Prevent errors that can lead to downtime
  • Improve (increase) device usage time

Improve financial performance (cost management)

  • Reduce energy-related penalties
  • Contributing to saving power consumption of the plant

We are very pleased to deploy the project “Active Harmonic Filter Solution” for Noi Bai International Airport. The aviation industry is making constant efforts in using energy efficiently, towards sustainable development. As the EcoExpert of Schneider Electric in Vietnam, ESEC not only provides solutions to improve power quality, but also provides comprehensive energy management solutions to bring customers a Safe electrical system. – Reliable – Stable. Hopefully the success of this project creates a good premise for future projects between ESEC and NIA as well as other businesses in the aviation industry.



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