Power Infrastructure

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Power infrastructure includes power generation, transmission and distribution systems. The power infrastructure starts from upstream facilities down to end consumers. 

Bien Dong Energy and Environment Company deliver top of the line electrical engineering softwares and services, for all of power systems operation needs, from offline analysis and calculation to real- time monitoring & control. That helps users to attain optimal reliability, safety, and energy efficiency from their power infrastructure.

Our Typical Solutions:

 - Etap Power Software Suite: 

     Etap Software Viet Nam


+ Load Flow Analysis.

+ Short-Circuit Calculation.

+ Motor Acceleration Analysis.

+ Protection Relay Co-ordination.

+ Arc Flash Analysis .

+ Harmonic Study.

+ Transient Stability Study .

+ Renewable Energy Planning.


- Etap Real - time Advanced Power Management System 

 Etap Enterprise Solution for Real-time power management systems is a fully integrated suite of software products that provides intelligent power monitoring, energy management, system optimization and automation, and real-time pridiction applications. Specifically Etap Real-time Advanced Power Managenment System includes:

+ Power System Monitoring & Simulation (PSMS):

   - Advanced Monitoring.

   - Energy Accounting.

   - Predictive Simulation.

   - Event Playback.

   - Load Forecasting.


+ Energy Management System (EMS):

   - Automation Generation Control.

   - Economic Dispatch.

   - Supervisory Control.

   - Interchange Scheduling.

   - Reserve Management.


+ Intelligent Substation (iSUB):

   - Substation Automation.

   - Switching Management.

   - Load Management.


+ Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS):

   - Load Preservation.

   - Load Restoration.

   - Load Shedding Validation.

  ETAP real time

Energy Management

From power infrastructure, we stretch out to utility energy system inside customer’s plants. Clean, reliable energy system is the foundation of every organization’s ability to deliver its products and services.


Growing energy demands require the infrastructure to deliver them in a way that balances economic growth and environmental protection. At ESEC, we not only understand your goals, we embrace them as our own.