Energy Management


From power infrastructure, we stretch out to utility energy system inside customer’s plants. Clean, reliable energy system is the foundation of every organization’s ability to deliver its products and services. 

We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of energy management solutions that help make customer’s energy system to obtain safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green.

Our Energy Management solutions:

+ Integrated Energy Management and Information System: 
    - Energy Management Software
    - Energy Metering Hardware
    - Third-party System Integration

+ Energy Usage Efficiency
    - Heat Treatment Control
    - Combustion Control

+ Emergency Power System
    - Generator
    - Auto Transfer System
    - UPS & DC Charger

+ Energy Saving Solution
   - High Efficiency Motor
   - Inverter & Drive System

+ Power Quality Improvement
   - Harmonic Filter
   - Power Factor Correction
   - Frequency Converter & Voltage Compensator




Power infrastructure includes power generation, transmission and distribution systems. The power infrastructure starts from upstream facilities down to end consumers.


Growing energy demands require the infrastructure to deliver them in a way that balances economic growth and environmental protection. At ESEC, we not only understand your goals, we embrace them as our own.